KnewSkill equips students with the entrepreneurial mindset needed to translate industry-specific training into unlimited career opportunities.


entrepreneurship mindset Courses

Increase placement rates and give students the competitive edge. KnewSkill offers entrepreneurship mindset coursework that can be tailored to support any skilled-trade or industry program. Course topics include self-discovery, opportunity recognition, problem solving and business model design.


PRoject-based development workshops

Adaptability and collaboration skills are developed best through hands-on experience. Help talented students to convert apprenticeships and on-the-job training opportunities into full-time offers quickly with our customized group workshops. 

This class prepared me to be an employee (if I had to go that route) with the tools of knowing the who, what, when, where’s and why of the business itself. Even if I never make it to owning a business, I can now be a better team player and meet the goals of the company and gain higher promotions.
— Glenn Williams, SquareUp Course Graduate