KnewSkill is a learning and development company that specializes in the ever-relevant skills needed to create, collaborate and continuously adapt within today’s evolving workforce.

While technical knowledge and/or work experience may get you in the door, it is the ability to  think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, and collaborate with others - or what we call “21st Century Skills” - that will keep you there.

While these skills have long been considered necessary competencies, they became undervalued in comparison to the hard skills needed in the Industrial Age. But with today’s rapidly changing digital landscape shaping the future of work, these 21st Century Skills are required to succeed and add value to the modern, interpersonal workplace.

We are able to approach learning through the unique lens of adult learners who have faced difficult circumstances. We know what they need.

We understand the nuances of adult learners - from their educational, professional and psychological needs to the instructional and structural barriers they face, which enables us to provide instructional design that resonates and proves effective for clients.

Our team of instructional designers and facilitators bring a wealth of experience from a breadth of disciplines, including Information Technology, Entrepreneurship, K12 & Post-Secondary Education, Substance Abuse Counseling and Prison Reentry, ensuring a multifaceted approach that appeals to any learner, from any background or situation.